Browse all known traffic stops to have occurred in Illinois from 2005 to 2014


Review agency-level data on the racial and ethnic demographics of people stopped and searched in the course of traffic stops in a given jurisdiction.

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Largest Agencies

City Stops
Illinois State Police 4,034,823
Chicago Police 1,614,504
Aurora Police 300,266
Hoffman Estates Police 227,004
Springfield Police 215,116


Open Data Policing aggregates, visualizes, and publishes public records related to all known traffic stops to have occurred in Illinois since 2005. Data is available for most Illinois departments.

Illinois law requires agencies to report their data on a monthly basis to the IL state government; however, some datasets are incomplete or remain unreported. Where data sets are incomplete or missing from the website, it is because they have not been reported to the state. Open Data Policing does not have access to, nor does it publish, the names of officers, drivers, or passengers involved in traffic stops.

Dataset Facts

Timeframe 2005 - 2014
Stops 23,273,288
Searches 1,314,143
Agencies 1,062